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Marcy Lovitch has been acting and writing in New York City before there were cellphones [or something funnier here]. She moved to NYC after graduating with a BA in Journalism from Temple University and has continued to live up to her incredible potential over the years by working as a book publicist, magazine editor, a temp, cater waiter, fact checker, legal word processor, dog walker and a cigarette girl.



The Knick   |   Upscale Woman 

Cinemax (dir. Steven Soderbergh)

“Save America’s Parks” PSA   |   Tourist Mother

Nouveau Star Pictures, NY (dir. Will Joines)

Daddy’s Got a Gun  |   Mother of Boy with Gun

Onion News Network, NY

Listen to Your Heart  |   Jake’s Mother

Wishing Well Pictures, CA (dir. Matt Thompson)

Leads!  |   Mother of Nerd

Rosey Media, NY (dir. Matthew Ballen)

Rescue Me  |   Woman in Park

F/X, Canterbury Productions, NY (dir. Peter Tolan)

Mob Queen   |   Jewish Woman

Etoile Productions, NY (dir. Jon Carnoy)


Bill & Nancy Can’t Let Go   |   Nancy

Primary Stages One Minute Play Festival 59E59 (dir. Jackson Gay)

You’ll Thank Me Later  |   Sarah Palin

Primary Stages, Jimmy’s No. 43 (dir. Matt Dickson)

Happy Hour   |   Ensemble

The 45th Street Theatre (dir. Michael Horn)

Dirty Laundry   |   Various

Independent Art HERE (dir. Emily King)

(A One-Woman Show)

NY Intl. Fringe Festival - '97 & '98

Broadz  |   Solo Performance

Solo Arts Group (dir. Emily King)

No, It's Not My Period  |   Ellen

Ensemble Studio Theatre (dir. Nicholas DeSibio)

A Brooklyn Romance  |   Gloria

Ensemble Studio Theatre (dir. Emily King)

Ode to Brad  |   Phoebe

Ensemble Studio Theatre (dir. Abigail Zealey Bess)


Sweet and Hot: The Songs of Harold Arlen   |   Terry

A Small Co. in America, Old Westbury, NY

Dirty Laundry   |   Various

Walnut Street Theatre, Phila, PA


Primary Stages (ESPA)

Michelle Bossy; Jackson Gay; Rich Topol; Andrew Leynse;

Suzanne Agins; Reed Birney; Kelly Aucoin

Atlantic Theater Company

Karen Kohlhaas (Monologue and Scene Study)

Solo Performance

Julie Halston, Rita Nachtmann

National Shakespeare Conservatory

Eloise Watt (Shakespeare Monologue and Scene Study)

Michael Howard Studios

Patsy Rodenburg (Voice), Beth Anne Cole (Singing for Actors)

Ensemble Studio Theater

Curt Dempster; Adrienne Stern (Audition Technique)

Zoom In Acting (on camera)

Rosalyn Coleman Williams

HB Studio

Rose Arrick (Scene Study), Rasa Allan Kazlas (Improvisation)

One on One Studios

Stacy Gallo (commercials), Henry Russell (TV & Film acting)

B.A. Journalism from Temple University, Philadelphia

Special Skills

Lyric Soprano; Beg,-Intermediate French speaker; Aerobics; Dog Walking; Weight Training; Knitting; Driver's License; Computer Literate; Licensed Marriage Officiant; Valid U.S. Passport. Dialects: British (Upper Class); Boston (Southie); American-South; New York.

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